Five activities to try out this half-term

Posted 17 February 2017

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In early 2017, it was reported that for the first time ever, children were spending more time online, than in front of the TV. Research gathered by Childwise found that on average, children aged between 5 and 15 spend around 5 hours a day either online or watching TV.

Half-term is a great time to get your children up and out of the house. Trying new activities is fun for everyone and gives your children some much-needed fresh air and exercise. Invite friends, or enjoy your family time together with our top 5 half term activities:

1. Go on a picnic

Picnics are an easy way to get all the family involved in an activity. The adults will have the chance to take time out and relax, while the children burn off some steam. Picnics don’t have to take a lot of planning and can be relatively inexpensive. Keep a picnic basket packed with blankets, plates, cups and cutlery, then on a sunny day all that you need to add is the food.

Keep food simple by choosing things that everybody likes. Make the most of what’s already in your cupboards. Let everybody get involved with the food preparation and your basket will soon be full! Alternatively, you could visit a supermarket to grab some fresh and tasty snacks.

Don’t let the unpredictable British weather ruin your plans. Indoor picnics can be just as much fun! Lay your picnic blanket down in your living room, put on a film or grab a board game and spend an afternoon indoors together.


2. Use chalk on the pavements

Arty activities are a great way to engage children over half term. If the weather is good, you can decorate your pavement or drive with some temporary drawings.

Chalk is cheap to buy and can help your children to express their creativity on a bigger scale. While the weather is good, get them drawing outside your house or in your back garden.  Household items like paintbrushes or sponges can add fun effects, while water can be used to transform pictures. Once the day is over, you can completely wash all evidence away, leaving a blank canvas. 

3. Build a fort

In the UK, our plans often change at the last minute due to unpredictable weather. If your outside ideas have been ruined by the rain, make the most of your time inside and try out something new.

Building forts is a fun, energetic activity that can include the whole family. Drape blankets and bedsheets over furniture to create a cosy den where children can play, have their lunch and watch films.

Outdoor forts are also a lot of fun. Use boxes, washing lines, garden furniture and old blankets to construct a tent in your garden. Simple structures can easily be incorporated into play.

4. Go camping

Whether it’s just in your garden, or you take a trip somewhere, camping is a fun way entertain the kids over half term. Take plenty of food that you can all cook together and enjoy telling stories, singing songs and playing games. Spending time outdoors can also encourage learning because your children will have the opportunity to explore and spot wildlife.


5. Set up a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be exciting for children, whether in your house or outside. You could invite friends round and separate them into teams. Each group could have a list of items to find, with a small prize for the winners.

Write some clues to help your children to find the items. Make them challenging to keep things interesting for the length of the game. You could follow a theme that ties in with school projects, or use numbers and letters if the children are very young.

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