Access to Higher Education Diplomas

An Access to Higher Education Diploma course is designed for people who want to study for a degree but don’t have the necessary qualifications that universities require. An Access to Higher Education Diploma course will give you the skills, knowledge and entry criteria needed to further your education at many universities.

Choose the subject you want to study at university

We offer a selection of Access to Higher Education Diplomas to suit what you’re interested in studying at university. All of our courses have different pathways, so you can study a specific subject area. This focuses your learning route to best meet your desired university’s entry requirements.

Check the pathway is right with your target university

Making sure the pathway you choose at CCfE matches the entry criteria of your chosen university is crucial. Choosing the wrong pathway may affect your chance of being accepted on the university course you really want.

Consider the career choice that you have in mind

Embarking on your career after university may seem like a long way off. However, if you have a particular career or profession in mind, like Midwifery, it’s worth exploring what the requirements are for entry into that particular career.

Distance learning is the way forward

Why go to college when you can study from home? Many of our students find distance learning to be a faster and more convenient way to study. You’ll have immediate access to your course material online as soon as you’re enrolled. You only need a standard web browser to use our innovative online learning system and there’s no complicated plug-in software required. You can fit learning in and around your current lifestyle.

Flexible funding options are an added bonus

These courses attract flexible funding. If you would like to pay for your course in full, then that’s fine. However, we do offer a pay by instalments plan that allows you to spread the cost of your course over a period of time. It’s our aim to continually expand our range of Access to Higher Education courses to meet the needs of potential students.