Access to Higher Education Diploma (Education)

This Diploma offers a carefully selected and well researched set of units allowing you to specialise within a specific subject area and meet the entry requirements of your chosen university.

Choose your pathway carefully

Some universities ask for specific units in their entry requirements for certain Education degrees. This Access to Higher Education Diploma (Education) has one pathway. This pathway contains specific units which will help you meet the entry requirements for your selected university. Checking university entry requirements is essential, this could affect your chance of being accepted on to your desired degree course.

Access to Higher Education Diploma (Education) - General Pathway

This Diploma (Education) “General Pathway” is generalist specified diploma covering a balanced mix of 19 academic units.

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Begin when you like and learn online

With Central College of Education (CCfE), you can start an Access to Higher Education Diploma at any time, and it’s all online.

Pick the right pathway to get you into university

Our Access to Higher Education Diplomas are designed for people who don’t have the necessary qualifications to get into university. The Diploma gives you the opportunity to gain the required skills needed to progress on to your desired degree course. You can study from the comfort of home, in your spare time.

All of our Access to Higher Education Diploma courses are awarded by Open College Network West Midlands.

Being in control of your study schedule

You can study at your own pace, in your own time. You’re in control of setting your study schedule. Fit your studying around your lifestyle and responsibilities. You’ll have plenty of flexibility with your learning, but it’s important to be realistic about what you can achieve in the time you’ve set yourself.

Our online learning platform, PEARL, is easy to use and the course materials are straightforward. Learning through this advanced online learning environment gives you far more than just study materials and assessments. You can interact with your course in different ways such as adding learning objectives which can help you with essential employment related skills - useful when you finish your course with us.

Personal Assessor to help along the way

A personal assessor will be assigned to you when you start studying with CCfE. Your Assessor will provide feedback, comments and guidance, so you can continually progress and maximise your potential.

More support from our learning community

Other students can support you throughout your studies. Your thoughts and ideas can be shared and discussed with other students via our social hub. Students can also join in debates, post blogs and share course materials which can help with students’ learning.

The benefits of PEARL

Remember that our innovative online learning environment, PEARL, provides you with far more than study materials and assessment. There’s extra goodies to help you with your learning journey.

By reviewing our full range of courses you will be taking your first steps to a brighter future

Wendy Lomas
Lead Programme Director